Walmart Integration Plugin for Magento


80 million unique visitors per month make 2nd largest online marketplace of U.S. and hotbed of opportunities for sellers. The seller friendly policies and dedicated knowledge base make it an ideal revenue source for online sellers. The impeccable API integration by Official Walmart Channel Partner helps to integrate Magento® 2 stores with Walmart by establishing synchronization of products, orders, and refunds with the help of Walmart API. Integrating your Magento® 2 stores with Walmart becomes easier with Walmart Magento® 2 store Integration by CedCommerce. Upon installing the extension, it enables managing Walmart orders on the sellers Magento® stores without making any significant changes to operational functionalities. This is to ensure that sellers retain the familiar experience of managing their stores. Synchronizing orders, products, their information, and inventory, initiating returns & refunds are done through establishing communication between Walmart APIs and extension.


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